Committed to helping

Julia has a strong commitment to charity and has sat on many charity boards and was the founding donor of Sydney’s Women’s Fund.

Julia has been involved with the Salvation Army education committee, the Red Cross fundraising committee, East West Committee donating to Cochlear implant and Opera foundation, Sydney children’s hospital, Alzheimer’s Association NSW, NASCA and the Cornucopia Committee. These charities are very focused on women, children and young people ranging from education to protection of the disadvantaged.

Sydney Women’s Fund

The SWF helps women in need within the greater Sydney region through a range of grass roots programs. This includes women who have been subjected to violence; and to help mothers and children with disabilities to help provide weekend respite; help fund perinatal mental health project; to help run peer support groups of children whose parents are prisoners; to help support women and their children who have recently moved into independent housing after being homeless; and to help create enterprise for recent refugee women from Sierra Leone.

Julia has a commitment to ensure that all of her projects derive funds to help charities particularly those with a commitment to women and children.